About therapy

Therapy can be helpful when struggling with low mood, unhealthy habits or difficulties getting along with the people around us. Individuals might want to focus on coming to terms with unexpected change or dealing with past trauma. Couples and families sometimes need help communicating or understanding their relationship dynamics. These are all issues that can be dealt with in a therapeutic setting.

I strive to be a source of empathy and clarity as a therapist. I want to help people gain insight into the thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns keeping them stuck, and to figure out ways to move forward. Increasing your sense of accountability, recognizing the opportunities hidden in setbacks and setting realistic goals are all part of the journey.

Hey, I’m human, too. I know what it’s like to deal with difficult emotions and tough problems. I know how important it is to be taken seriously, to feel heard and accepted and encouraged. This is what I want to provide to you, in a relaxed setting where you can feel comfortable exploring the issues holding you back. Let’s get started.

Important information:

  • Currently, I am offering sessions via telephone and video-conferencing.
  • The investment is $100.00 per session, taxes included.
  • You can pay using e-transfer, cash or cheque.
  • I do not provide direct billing. I will provide you a receipt which you can submit to your benefits provider. I cannot guarantee that all providers will reimburse for the service.
  • Sessions last 60 minutes.